Olympic Complex, House of Weightlifting Nikaia, Attiki, 2003

Due to the organization of the Olympic Games of 2004, a new stadium of 24.000 m2 surface was built which includes the arena, the guest house which occupies a surface of 3.500 m2 with 63 beds, car parks and its environmental site which occupies a surface of 11.000 m2. The surrounding plantation area has been constructed in such a way that relates with the flora of the area and is harmoniously integrated with it over time. The Stadium remains as a pole of attraction for the residents of the area after the end of the Games.

The plants species that have been used derive from the native Mediterranean flora. Specifically the plantation consists of shrubs, trees, climbers, land cover plants and especially native Greek aromatic plants which occupy a surface of approximately 3.500 m2. In addition the installation of prepared lawn grass took place on an area of 7.300 m2.The automatic irrigation system was constructed with the usage of decoders, an over-terrain dripper tube line system and sub-terrain sprinklers .