Company profile

TOPIODOMI LTD is a construction company, which becomes active in management, construction and maintenance of complex landscape projects, in public and private sector as well.  
The owners of the company, Konstantinos Tatsis and Loukas Mexis are active in landscape construction from 1991 and on 2000, they established TOPIODOMI LTD, which was the natural outcome of their constructive cooperation. This cooperation has common and powerful work and organizing apprehension. 
TOPIODOMI Projects have a complete field of landscape activities, in such as:

  • Hotels
  • Green roofs
  • Public spaces
  • Commercial spaces & Building complexes
  • Sports facilities
  • Playgrounds
  • Private gardens

TOPIODOMI LTD occupies scientific staff, mainly agronomists. Because of this, the company has active role in conferences and in research programs with Agricultural University of Athens and with Technological Educational Institute Of Epirus.