Villa Elafonisos, Peloponnese, 2017

In the Peloponnese and more specifically in Elafonisos, we built a private garden that has a very basic feature. The garden is not hidden behind tall walls but by the vegetation that surrounds it and makes it an extension of nature.

At the outer boundaries of the garden, the natural vegetation was left with Juniperous sp, Pistacia sp, thymus sp, Helichrysum sp and as we approach the house the vegetation lowers in height and changes character without losing its naturalness. On the front of the sea, the large slope is planted with Stipa sp that changes color according to the season. The intermediate garden, between the buildings where there are plants sensitive to air, has a strong Mediterranean character with sea salt, lemon, orange, bougainvillea, etc. In the kitchen garden, eighteen wooden frames with herbs and useful plants are placed. Green waves with intense colors are created on the eastern side of the garden, a motive that is also followed, on the green roofs. The natural rocks with low vegetation dominate the pool area.