school complex Ymittos, Attiki, 2011

The construction regarded the full cover of the roof in each building of the school complex in Municipality of Imittos. The whole surface was 1100m² .


The construction had the aim to unify the grey site of the school complex with the existing planting of Imittos Mountain and integrate green sites in the student’s daily routine. This was also the target of constructing pavements made of concrete in each roof, in order to stop plant growth and to permit to the visitors an aromatic walk at a site with an excellent view.


The intensive Roof Garden operation utilised specialized materials by ZinCo and always followed the international (FLL) and national specifications. The design of green roof was done having as a target to save energy and the unification of the building with the natural site of the area.


The plants species that we used were all of native Mediterranean flora, low planting which occupy a surface of 900m². The corridors which are between the planting sites are made of gravel.


The plants irrigation was constructed with the usage of the automatic irrigation system and for tertiary net we used over-terrain dripper line tubes.