Pelagos Suites Hotel Lampi, Kos Island, 2005

Pelagos Suites Hotel is a modern seaside hotel designed to transform a family's holiday into a unique experience of comfort and relaxation. Built in a quiet location by the Lambi beach, the hotel is designed in a superbly elegant minimalist style that is dominated by simple geometric lines, water and landscaping sites.

The main task was the planting of trees, shrubs, climbers, landcover plants and aromatic plants, all coming from the Mediterranean flora. Planting of several palm trees also followed. All these extend on a surface of 2.500m². Installation of prepared lawn grass also took place on a surface of 4.000m². The irrigation of the planting material was created with the usage of automatic system. For tertiary net we installed the sub-terrain dripper line irrigation system for the lawn grass and over-terrain dripper line tubes for plants. We also used sprinklers for watering the lawn grass.