Club Med Gregolimano, Evoia, 2017

The global hotel chain has made a major investment in its hotel unit in Gregolimano at north Evia.

ClubMed takes advantage of the natural relief, the forest and the sea, creating a totally compatible set where the plant material embraces the hard materials and seems as a natural continuation of the forest.

The buildings are built on a scale compatible with the forest so that almost nothing is visible to a visitor except from the main building.

The selection of the plant material derives from the plants of the Greek and Mediterranean flora in formations and modules based on the Byzantine mosaics creating impressive aesthetic and aromatic alternations with the existing trees. The lawns are also in the same mosaic logic like narrow wedges between the ground cover. The green roofs are of an extensive type designed to cool the buildings. They were built with a complete system of planted Zinco FD 25 roof and a 12 cm terrain substrate height.