Pocket Park in Metaxourgeio Metaxourgeio neighborhood, 99 M.Alexandrou & Mykinon str., Municipality of Athens, 2021

The construction of the park was based on the principles of sustainable development, so the whole design was based on this principle.


Our basic principle of construction was to operate based on the principles of the circular economy. All the earthworks that took place in the area and were recycled in it so that the coarse-grained materials - stones & gravel - are transformed into a water drainage area. Also, the external import of fertile soil was minimal and mainly compost of plant origin was used. The interventions were as mild as possible without burdening the urban environment in which the park is located.


The corridors of the park Metaxourghio laid with gravel to have as few hard materials so the park can bind all rainwater even from the Mykinon street. The separation and coating materials are made of wood and we also used recycled wood or other materials. The area was enriched with hundreds of plants, -342 pieces - aromatic, grassy, climbing, ground cover materials, large shrubs and trees.


The lighting of the premises is carried out with autonomous photovoltaics, with the aim of reducing light pollution. During the first hours they illuminate 100% then for 4 hours 80% and then they act as safety lighting with 25% until the morning.


As for the plantings, in total they aimed at:

• The aesthetic upgrade, by achieving continuous flowering in terms of the choice of plant material.

• Climate upgrade, reducing temperatures and offering cooling.

• The increase of biodiversity, being a place of growth of flora and fauna.

• The proper exploitation of rainwater

• The capture of carbon dioxide

Regarding the capture of carbon dioxide, It was estimated that CO2 capture the first year is over 70 kg while with the growth of plants and trees the tenth year will exceed 127.5 kg per year.