Eleven (11) Playgrounds in the Municipality of Filiates Filiates,Thesprotia prefecture, 2021

Our company reshaped and constructed a total of eleven (11) certified playgrounds in the Municipality of Filiates. Specifically:

  • Playground in central Square of Filiates
  • Playground in Filiates
  • Playground in Leptokarya
  • Playground in Raveni
  • Playground in Kestrini
  • Playground in Smertos
  • Playground in Vrisella
  • Playground in Sagiada
  • Playground in Asproklissia
  • Playground in Filiates kindergarten
  • Playground in Filiates day nursery


The construction was carried out based on all the strict specifications set by law and included the dismantling of old instruments, the supply and installation of certified playground instruments and safety floors (EPDM rubber surface and certified pebbles), the electric lighting, the fencing of the spaces and the installation of urban equipment (benches, garbage bins, fountains) as well as the reshaping of the entire playground area.