Pocket Park Pagkrati, Municipality of Athens, 2021

In the heart of Pagkrati area, in a space of 770 sq.m. that had remained abandoned and unexploited for many years, full of rubble and rubbish, a new pocket park was created giving a breath of greenery throughout the neighborhood.

The specific park was designed with the aim of being an ecosystem that will contribute to the aesthetic and climatic upgrade of the wider area, to the capture of carbon dioxide and to the increase of biodiversity. A total of 1150 plants and trees have been planted, including robinias, simides and native aromatic plants.

Design and construction solutions based on the principles of sustainability and circular economy were implemented in this park. Most of the park's constructions have been made from reused wood, such as railway sleepers, while a sustainable water drainage system has been installed to enrich the aquifer and irrigate the trees. The lighting of the park is produced by autonomous photovoltaics with the aim of reducing light pollution.

Walking corridors, seats and bicycle seats were installed in the park and water supply was provided for visitors as well as for the birds and animals of the city.