IGA 2003 Rostock, Germany, 2003

Our country's participation in the IGA 2003 Gardening Fair was absolutely successful. The bronze medal was the culmination of the efforts of HEP (Export Promotion Agency) that oversaw all the effort, the contractors who were assigned to construct the garden, the booth and all the employees.

The Greek pavilion was excellent. All the garden plants - about 4500 - were transported from our country. Some impressive trees in terms of size and age such as the olives trees of our pavilion square were a subject of German news leaflets. Planting was complemented by trees such as pine trees, mulberry trees, almond trees, carob trees and many citrus type of trees. Planting was intensive with the use of almost all kinds of plants, trying to represent the Aegean vegetation.

There was a permanent automatic irrigation system with drip basement throughout the site. Constructions were made of stone decks(from Arkadia) and corridors of irregular sized plates (from Arta) of the same color with the stone of the terraces.