Building Complex Green Plaza, Grivalia Properties Athens, Attica, 2016

The Kifissias Plaza building complex was completed in 1991 and was a benchmark due to its central location, its design and architecture.

The property was acquired by Grivalia Properties in 2000. Four years after the year 2014, the company decided to invest funds for the qualitative upgrading of its properties with this building complex, which was renamed Green Plaza to be the first one to be selected for LEED upgrade and certification due to its special features, high recognition and excellent accessibility.

Our company has successfully implemented the new planting study, which has reshaped the surrounding area of ​​the building complex from the beginning, as well as the green roofs on the terraces of the buildings, which are also accessible by the users of the building complex. Besides the aesthetic upgrading of the areas where they are created, the green roofs offer benefits such as improving the microclimate of the complex, reducing noise pollution and enhancing the thermal insulation of the interior.