Transplantation of monumental olive-trees, Municipality of Athens Athens, Attica, 2015

The transfer and transplantation of six olive-trees from Aigialeia to the municipality of Athens was successfully completed in order to save them from expropriations within the area's railway network projects. Olive trees are from 800 to 1500 years old and weigh from 7.5 to 12 tones.

One olive-tree was transplanted near the Hilton Hotel next to the runner's statue, two olive-trees were transplanted in front of the University of Athens dean’s building offices at Panepistimiou Street, another on Syngrou Street, while the sixth olive-tree was transferred and transplanted to the Department of National Defense.

The trees were supplied by ERGOSE SA to the Municipality of Athens and the implementation of the whole initiative was carried out under the supervision of the City of Athens Green and Environment Directorate with the assistance of the Ministry of National Defense, the Independent Power Transmission Operator and the Company Topiodomi Landscape Solutions.

Sponsors: Altis, Klorane