Park of Vrilissia, Municipality of Vrilissia Vrilissia, Attica, 2017

The reformation of this park in Vrilissia has a total area of ​​800 m2 and although small in scale has been of great importance to the residents of the area for two important reasons. The first one is the complete reconstruction, which makes it very attractive for both young and the elderly, and the second is the location next to the Halandri stream, which makes it a pole of attraction for all residents of the Municipality of Vrilissia.

The park had begun to show signs of abandonment over the last few years, but after the intervention that has taken place it can serve people and children of every age every day.

The reform included the reconstruction of the irrigation system, the formation of new areas for planting plant material and trees, shrubs and lawn. We also repaired the playground's equipment, the benches and the two fountains. The plant species are natural Greek and Mediterranean plants which are easily adapted to the climatic conditions of Athens. The irrigation was constructed using an automatic system with pipelines including drip pipes and lawn using a pipe system including underground sprinklers.