The RootSpace system is essentially a soil support system – designed for maximum soil and rooting volume, to be ‘utility friendly’, with economic freight and industry leading strength characteristics.

In 2001, GreenBlue Urban produced the world’s first purpose made commercial structural soil cell for urban tree planting. Since that time, thousands of trees have benefited and continue to benefit, from access to uncompacted soil volumes – beneath heavily engineered pavements and roadways.

RootSpace – GreenBlue Urban’s new soil support system, gathers up all the years of experience as leaders in the field, to offer the definitive urban tree root protection product. Essentially, urban tree success is all about the soil the tree is planted in – a large volume of uncompacted, good quality soil is required for the establishment and long term health of a tree in paving.

Predict – how much soil your tree will require as it matures

Provide – give the tree enough quality uncompacted soil in zones into which it can freely spread its roots.

Protect – Look after the vital soil structure itself – overcome potentially fatal compaction of the soil and ensure access to drainage and ventilation.