A new "Pocket Park" in Metaxourgeio in the Municipality of Athens was built by TOPIODOMI within the sponsorship program of P&G, in collaboration with the Organization Earth. 06.7.2021

In Metaxourgio, at the junction of Megalou Alexandrou and Mycenae streets, an area of 300 sq.m. was transformed into a "Pocket Park", offering a way out for socializing and oxygen breaths to residents and visitors. Thus, a forgotten corner of the city regained its light and joy.

With a donation from P&G and in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens, and the Earth Organization, seven new trees were planted, including an olive tree in the center of the area, more than 340 climbing plants and shrubs, as well as other native aromatic plants. In this - second in a row - park, the urban infrastructure and equipment have been completely renewed, while the lighting from an autonomous photovoltaic system of advanced technology will be enhanced in order to reduce light pollution. Most of the park's constructions have been made with reused and environmentally friendly materials while the corridors have been paved with gravel so that there is as little hard material as possible and the park binds all the rainwater.


Source: Proto Thema newspaper