Green Roof of the Year 2018 for SNFCC 22.11.2018


…"National Opera and National Library of Greece in Athens" was overwhelmingly voted "BuGG Green Roof of the Year 2018".

The new cultural center Athens is Greece's new landmark for education, culture and sustainability. The LEED certified platinum construction project is the largest in Greek history and houses the National Opera and National Library, whose buildings are literally embedded in the 17-hectare Stavros Niarchos Park. This public park with olive trees and lush Mediterranean vegetation rises at ground level to above the building roofs at 32 meters.

"Creating a visual and physical connection with the water" is the idea of ​​the world famous architect Renzo Piano, who realized his signature here. A green bridge leads to the area as a pedestrian zone from the seashore. The building complex comprises a total of approx. 25,550 m² of roof space and disappears thanks to the complete greenery in the park landscape. Below the roof terrace (approximately 6,950 m²), the Greek National Opera presents itself with two multimedia concert halls, both in terms of sound and stage technology. The National Library (about 6,150 m² of roof space) is conceived as a transparent space that makes knowledge accessible to everyone…

Source: BuGG